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What is Listen?

Listen is an atmospheric find and click game. I strongly encourage you to play it for at least ten rounds before you stop.

Post Development Comments

Voice; that was the theme for the seventh Game A Week. Since its such a broad theme, the voice ended up as a supporting idea rather than a focal point but that's fine. 

To be honest, this is probably the most fleshed out concept that I've made so far in the past few weeks. If you've played this one enough and look at the past few games, you might understand why. It still need a lot of work, there's next to no game feel in the second half of the game, but (I'd argue) that stuff takes the most amount time, especially to get it just right.

Where To From Here

Flesh out the concepts in the second half of the game a bit more and work on the open ending a little too, so that the first section is a bit more enjoyable. This one might actually have a future.

Install instructions

Download, extract and run :)


Listen_SamTheSomebody.zip 28 MB

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