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What is USB?

USB is a two player game focusing on using interesting controls. Which controls? The Power Supply and a USB. Sadly, that means this is only playable on Laptops with a USB on hold.

Post Development Comments

Weird Input; that was the theme of the sixth Game A Week. Surprisingly, this was the week which I did the most planning prior to starting, as opposed to my usual jump right in and make it work approach. It's because I was traveling and thus spent my time with pen and paper rather than mouse and keyboard. I say surprising because it was thus far the most annoying to make, I'd taken my own freedom away with my pre-designed restrictions.

The result is a semi-functional and slightly lifeless piece, I didn't account of any sort of hardware lag and thus it take a while to wrap your head around it. That's just me being hyper-critical as usual, feel free to from your own opinions as (if) you play it :)

Where To From Here

Make some characters that play into the hardware components with different abilities. It could be a nice refreshing take on the genre. Otherwise, fix it and change the awkward perspective. 


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